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Maybe a short-breakup in the future?

While at Fanforum this afternoon I was thinking about which one of the members of our favorite couple was the ones responsable for most of the advances on their relationship. Although most of us would almost inmediately say "Amy" for some reason, the more I think about it, the more I think it has been Sheldon most of the times.

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Looking for a beta for some (fairly explicit) Shamy smut

Hello everyone!  I'm new to this community and so happy to have found one at all!  :D  Apparently the times have left me behind, because it seems most of the Shamy activity is tumblr based?  (which I am not as familiar with as Livejournal)  Or am I missing the other Livejournal type communities?  

And as my post says, I've written some Shamy smut, and I'd be very appreciate of a beta for it (I am fully willing to be someone's beta in return!)  

Furthermore, are there any other fic communities other than the one at  And does take nc-17 submissions now??  (Again, the communities are making me feel old - I remember a time when didn't accept explicit stories.)  

Is there a "Shamy for beginners" type of page?  

I apologize for the barrage of questions, and apologies to the admins if this is not the appropriate place to be looking for betas.